July 19th - 23rd, 2023

Shasta-Trinity, CA


Due to overwhelming enthusiam, we are officially sold out this year!!!  If you would still like to attend, please join our wait list and we will message you directly with some options

Wow, this year marks a decade of Back to Bassix!!!  What a wild ride it has been, and we're eternally grateful for all of the amazing people that have helped build this event into what it's become over the last 10 years.  We started this crazy tradition with humble beginnings back in 2014 with the primary intention of creating the ultimate summer party.  The event has evolved and matured over the years, but the "Bassix", or our core principals of what makes summertime fun, have still essentially remained the same.   In its simplest form, this consists of camping and sunshine with good friends and family, swimming and boating at the lake, blasting beats and epic tunes through a ridiculous and unnecessary sound system, and possibly shotgunning a beer or two, who's to say ;)

...And just for fun, I was able to dig up the origional promo graphic from when the name "Back to Bassix" was coined.  A few of the core crew had gone on a scouting mission to scope out the first location of where the event would take place and determine some logistics.  We were discussing potential names for the event, and when this was written across the back window of my dust covered Subaru, the name was solidified forever...


If you'll be able to make it, please please please RSVP ahead of time and reserve your campsite.  This helps us to stay organized, approximate headcount, and also ensures that you'll have a prime camping location set aside you and your group regardless of when you plan to arrive.  Each campsite can accommodate 1 tent and ~ 2 - 5 people, and also includes a parking spot and full use of the rest of the campground (restrooms, running water, etc).  The cost per campsite is $20 for one night or $40 for 2 or more nights, and payments can be sent via Venmo to Garrett-McGrath-1.  Once your payment has been received, your reservation will be confirmed.

Its of course always ok to wing it and make a game time decision about coming, just please understand that accommodations will be more limited and available on a first come first served basis.  

Back to Bassix takes place at a large group campsite in the forests of Shasta-Trinity.

With a spacious campsite in the forest of Shasta-Trinity made for ~50 people, all are invited to Back to Bassix. The site is fully equiped with numerous picnic tables, tent areas, bear boxes, campfire pits, and bathrooms.

All we ask is that you please RSVP ahead of time to help us stay organized.

Stoney Group Campground

Yes, that's the actual name of the campground. Located 14 miles north of Weaverville on Hwy 3. The site is located on Stoney Creek and there is excellent swimming 👙 so bring some FLOATIES! Hiking and beautiful scenery all around. The group camp area and adjacent campsites accommodate up to 50 people.

There is a town, Weaverville, about 20 minutes from the camp spot, but would encourage you to get everything before you get in. Great for ice/booze runs mid camp weekend. 🍺 🍔🌭

This site is adjacent to Stoney Creek Swim Area, which offers a beach and picnic tables. ⛱ It has a paved parking lot with parking spaces.  A boat ramp and marina are located less than a mile away.

Popular activities in the area include power and non-motorized boating, 🚣‍♀️ fishing and water skiing. Anglers can cast for catfish, 🐟🐠 as well as a variety of bass, trout and salmon.

This is a tent camping area, ⛺️ however the parking area can accommodate 1-3 motor homes and as many cars as we need. 🚗

There is a flush restroom, drinking water, group pedestal grill, fireplaces, several tables and bear proof food lockers.🌭🇺🇸🍺

New for 2023: Refigeration! 🆒  This was promised for last year but due to unforseen circumstances with wildfires we were unable to bring our solar generator.  It should be up and running this year.  Plan to be self reliant, but we're hoping to save you some ice runs!.  We'll have a 2kW solar generator with us this year that will run a big ice chest on it's lowest setting. Save ice for cold drinks and keep your food fresh here. Say la vie to cooler maintence.

Getting there

From I-5 in Redding, California, take 299 west to Weaverville. Go north on State Highway 3 for 14 miles. The campground is on the left. You will see a sign that says “Stoney Group Camping”

From Weaverville, take Hwy 3 north for 13.8 miles. It is located on the left side of the highway next to Stoney swim area. 🇺🇸 If you Google it, it should come up. There isn’t strong cell phone reception when you are there so just print out or screenshot the directions ahead of time. Google Maps also have an offline maps mode, which is really nice once you get up here.

What to bring:

The joke is: just the basics. But we hardly bring the basics. Sound is covered. We'll have a camping stoves you can use. Let us know if you need a tent—we have an extra.

Get involved!

We strive each year to make sure that Back to Bassix is as epic as possible for everyone. Contribution and participation are always welcome, and if you'd like to get more involved in our community, here are a few simple ideas you might consider:

This event would not be possible without the dedication, hard work, and generosity from all of the amazing people involved.  Let's continue to grow our community and make 2023 a year to remember!

Any questions/comments/ideas/suggestions please feel free to message Garrett directly at (408) 368-1496