Pizza Party

Pizza Party takes place at Trona Pinnacles, an incredibly beautiful martian landscape on BLM land near Death Valley.

Stay tuned for a potential event coming Nov 2022

How to prepare

  • Cooler or cooler bag for your food

  • Cooler of ice (if you have space)

  • Pre-made pizza dough (come on, it's shelter-in-place, you know how to make pizza dough by now)

  • Your favorite toppings (oven will be provided)

  • Food and drink for yourself and enough to share

  • Warm layers and blankets β€” it gets cold at night

  • Sleeping bag

  • Towel (always bring a towel!)

  • Tent or the means to car camp

  • Folding chairs

  • Folding table (if you have one)

  • Headlamp, flashlights, or a lantern

  • Toilet paper (bonus points for a shovel or an actual toilet!)

  • Water (1 gal / person / day)

  • Toys: dirt bikes, projectors, lasers, LEDs

  • What to wear: leopard print, cocktail party wear, sparkles, velvet loungewear, neon, desert chic, latex bodysuits... whatever moves you.

What will be out there

  • Pizza oven & propane

  • Firewood

  • Audio/Visual, For the nerds:

  • Pioneer mixer and CDJ-style turntables

  • JBL SRX-835P Loudspeakers (x2)

  • Mackie Thump12A Loudspeakers (x2)

  • Chauvet Scorpion Lasers

  • ViewSonic PG800HD Projector

  • Music & DJs (if you have music requests please add them to the Spotify playlist)

  • Internet, sort of (we were able to stream mixes with Verizon coverage last time but no guarantees)

Where in the hell?

Coordination point:

Public Toilet, Trona Pinnacles, Searles Valley, CA

We don't know exactly where "there" is until the day before the event.

"We," the organizers, will head down the day before to scope out an area that's appropriate for our group size. Then we'll "share a pin" with you and the rest is up to you.

The adventure begins when you buckle your seatbelt ;)

If you need to link up with someone, use the coordination point, aka Public Toilet, at an agreed upon time.

Be prepared

Don't be these guys.

You will need 4WD/AWD or high clearance vehicle to get to our camp venue. If you don't have such a vehicle, let us know and we we can try to connect you with a shared ride. Come prepared to get stuck and get yourself out.

Handy items to have (but probably not necessary if you have 4WD/AWD wheels): shovel, traction boards, air compressor, recovery straps.